What Do You Expect From Women

What are you looking for in a woman?

The answer to this, for me at least, has changed greatly over the past few years.

Back in the wilderness of my beta days, I viewed women as a fantasy ideal, a gateway to a blissful paradise land of having a best friend, soulmate, and lover, all wrapped into one portion of awesomeness. Consequently, I pedestalised women, and got nowhere fast with many of them.

Then came the learning of game. Suddenly, I began to realise I could actually increase my access to women, and start pulling them in far greater numbers. 6s & 7s became commonplace, and soon they fell from their pedestal. Once my rose tinted spectacles were off, I began to see them for who they were – just run of the mill people, all with their own positive and negative qualities, but none of them sufficiently different or interesting to captivate my interest for long.

But this didn’t matter, because now the 8s were the gatekeepers of awesomeness! They would provide the dream like relationship that the movies had told me existed. Except then, I started pulling a few of them too, and I started noticing that personality wise, they were no different than the 6s & 7s, they were just presented better.

Again, I set my sights higher still – if the 8.5s and 9s could not provide me with all that I had been seeking, who could? Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not claiming I’m some kind of lothario who can go out and be knee-deep in model clunge every time I go out, but I have pulled a few extremely hot girls in my time, run standard game on them, and got them to the point where they were eating out of my hand. And guess what? They’re exactly the same as the 6s, 7s & 8s when you get down to it. Generally boring, shallow, and with very little of intellectual interest to talk about beyond the latest celebrity gossip, or what one friend said about another friend.

So in some ways, I feel like I’ve come out of the other side of my game journey, somewhat disillusioned with womankind as a whole. I think you have to make a choice – do you go after the intellectual, funny, confident outgoing type of girl (predominantly masculine traits) who isn’t particularly feminine, or do you go after the coy, demure, submissive, more feminine and attractive type of girl, but who consequently can’t give you the intellectual connection on a more masculine level that you really need to form a complete partnership with someone?

Whilst I think it is possible to find girls in whom both sets of qualities exist, it’s extremely rare. More and more, I’m coming to the conclusion, that it simply isn’t possible to have all your needs – physical, emotional, and mental – fulfilled by one single person. Or if you do, you’re extremely lucky.

At the moment, I’ve got a few girls in my life, who I see on a semi-regular basis, who I get my physical needs from – sex, comfort, a bed partner sometimes. And I have intelligent, confident outgoing male friends, in conjunction with all the excellent content I read on the manosphere, which provides my with my intellectual needs.

Some small beta part of me still wants to believe that one day, I will meet a girl who will bring the whole package to the table, and we’ll run off together into a dream land of perfect loveliness. But I’ve been looking for some time now, and I’ve not even found one that comes close thus far.

I do believe however that as age, and my SMV increases towards its peak, and I advance through the echelons of society, by increasing my wealth and value, that I will naturally start discovering venues where there is more chance of finding one of these types of girl. After all, if you were one of these girls, would you not congregate where all the highest value men could be find – in terms of wealth and social standing?

But in the meantime, my life’s work of furthering myself on every level shall continue, so that when the day does arrive when I encounter a truly top tier girl, I will have the full skillset and attributes to effortlessly attract her – game, style, wealth, confidence and education.


7 thoughts on “What Do You Expect From Women

  1. Your answer is in your sentence: “And I have intelligent, confident outgoing male friends,”

    It isn’t natural to expect all your needs to be met by a woman. A man needs men – read “The Way of Men”

    • I’ve had that on my reading list for a while actually, I need to get round to it.

      It’s only comparatively recently that I’ve arrived at this realisation – for years, I laboured under the delusion that I was going to meet a “soul mate” and live happily ever after, as I was led to believe by society and popular media, as most of the population still believe. Just another part of taking the red pill – it’s not hard to see why many people reject it, preferring to stay in their comfortable matrix of self-delusion.

  2. Indeed. I’d too like an intellectual connection with a woman.


    Since I’ve been redpilled, I’ve noticed, with an ever increasing perceptiveness, greater womanhood is almost completely vapid save their beauty.

    • I know what you mean.

      I’m still convinced it is possible to find everything in one woman – statistically it must be possible. Finding them, and then attracting them is an entirely different matter however.

      One of my friends is a guy in his 50s who lives with a semi-famous actor. He gets invited to all sorts of upper-society parties and gatherings, and he tells me there are actually quite a lot of real top quality women at such things. It makes sense that the cream rises to the top I suppose…

  3. I agree with KNZ that you shouldn’t expect to find all the traits in a single person. Besides, it wouldn’t be healthy. You would be tempted to become co-dependent if you could just hang out with her all the time.

    But you do have a point about the intelligent+beautiful women hanging out with wealthy men. I know of one cosmetics fortune heir who hosted obscenely expensive parties at his mansion, and the “right” sort of women found out.

    Pretty soon, he (at 35+ years old) had a traveling companion and girlfriend who was 25, kinky, completing her hard science PhD, had actual street smarts and ability to hold a conversation, and had modeled widely when younger (although, to be sure, modeling in the big American cities is not that unusual for a decent looking girl).

    As they say, your mileage may vary.

    • That’s the type of girl I’m hoping I meet at some point, and I really do genuinely believe the only way to access these pinnacle-tier women is by having awesome game, looking great, and being a millionaire. They can literally have any man in the world – their hypergamy demands no less than the best man around.

      But as you say yes – co-dependence is a real issue. Attracting a girl like that is one thing – keeping and maintaing a healthy LTR with one is a different kind of challenge in itself. It would be like a ninja assault course for all the frame control, psychology, game and general life wisdom you’d accumulated in your life. Worth it though.

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