Work Out – For Great Mood Uplifting

I tend to suffer from a couple of days of the boozy blues after a heavy night out. It’s nothing I can put my finger on, but everything just seems vaguely pointless, I have no real motivation to do anything, I’m irritable and want to socially withdraw.

Being physically fatigued and demotivated, working out is pretty much the last thing I want to do. Yet every time without fail, I literally force myself down to the gym. I really don’t want to go, and yet I can’t wait to get there in equal measures. I feel disgusting whilst working out, my strength is nowhere near its maximum, and yet the surge of endorphins when I finish makes it all worthwhile.

It’s like someone presses a reset switch on my brain. Positive thoughts flood back, my mood instantly lifts, and I’ll find myself throwing some cheeky banter at the girl on the desk on my way out, who only an hour previously I had skulked past, refusing to make eye contact and grunting instructions at.

So in short, if you don’t work out – get your lazy arse down there.

I’ve done a lot of reading recently, and I’m now very clued up on good training routines, proper form for exercises, and nutrition. I’ll be putting some posts up tracking my progress, and discussing the techniques I am adopting. You should read Starting Strength, Beyond Brawn, and go the LeanGains website if you’re at all interested in furthering your knowledge in these areas.

I’m just coming towards the end of a cutting cycle, and I currently sit at about 7.8% body fat at 175lb. I’m aiming to bulk lean muscle mass back on over the next year to take myself back up to 200lb, whilst retaining my level of low body fat. This means eating in a controlled, calculated manner, splitting macro nutrients correctly over various days, depending on whether you are training or not, combined with intermittent fasting. It does not mean “let’s shovel my face full of shit for 6 months, put on 20lb of fat and 10lb of muscle, and then have to cut the fat back off, losing 5lb of the muscle on the process” as many people seem to think a bulk involves. I won’t go over 10% body fat for the entire duration.


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