Remember – you get treated in life exactly how you believe you deserve to be treated.

If you have no self-respect or no clearly defined boundaries about what kind of behaviour you will and will not accept, then you will allow people to walk all over you, taking liberties with your time, treating you unfairly, not honouring agreements made with you or flaking on you.

If you have a clearly defined sense of self, and a fierce pride in the person that you have moulded yourself into, you will simply not tolerate being treated with anything other than complete respect when the situation calls for it. Even if in the past you may have been a people-pleaser, shy or afraid of direct confrontation, this will not be an issue – the alternative to not confronting someone who is trying to treat you badly is to allow them to get away with it, and that is simply not an option.

People that have known you from earlier in your life, and seen you go through this transformation may not like it – they will carry on trying to exert power over you, to hold you back. You either exercise your will over them and force them to accept the new order of things, or you cut them out and move on. Don’t allow yourself to be held back for sentimental reasons.

It is better to be solitary with your values intact, than someone who surrounds themselves with people that do not respect them through fear of being on their own. If you are a strong person, with a clearly defined sense of self worth, you will naturally inspire and attract other people into your life.

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