Getting Back on the Wagon

Fuck me that looks like an awesome sandwich

I gave myself the last couple of days completely off from any kind of productive activities, and allowed myself the rare luxury of eating whatever I wanted, playing computer games, and generally being a slob who sits around on the sofa all day and watches shit on TV. Approximately 8,000 calories later (including a regrettable incident on Christmas day involving puking cheesecake out of my nose – the less said about that the better I think), it’s time to get back to my regime again tomorrow.

Downtime is important, but time waits for no man, and I’m starting to get restless from having achieved nothing of note for a little while.

So back to the gym tomorrow for a good deadlift session using some newfound knowledge from Beyond Brawn (this book truly should be the bible of training for anyone who wants to lift weights seriously – there is so much great knowledge in there), back onto my LeanGains eating plan, and back to working on my “get the fuck out of full-time work within the next 24 months” project.

Few big nights out coming up over the next week or so too including New Year – I’m really going to try and hold back on my somewhat self-destructive “drink until oblivion” habit that’s become the norm again recently. It wipes me out for literally 3 days afterwards, makes me gloomy, and costs me a small fortune. I’m perfectly sociable and confident enough to go out now and just have a moderate number of drinks and still have a great night partying with my friends and chatting up women, so it’s just a case of exercising enough self control to hold myself in check (I do have a bit of tendency to push boundaries and get more than a little carried away once I’ve crossed the “point of no return” whilst drinking – think out til 8am having spent £300 on alcohol, cigarettes, taxi and club entry fees…)


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