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We’ve all been there

Just left an abridged version of the following as a comment over at an article about the effect of technology on women at 3rd Millenium Men, so just thought I’d turn it into a quick post as a reference point. I know this topic has been done to death in the manosphere, but it’s as much to cement it in my own mind as anything else.

As we all know, the age of the smartphone is now firmly upon us. Love it (probably not) or hate it (more likely), it’s here to stay. Cancelling dates is easy and impersonal, women are receiving near continuous streams of validation and offers of penis through numerous forms of social media, and people are forgetting how to communicate properly face to face. On the odd occasion I tell I girl from a dating website who is under 25 that I’m going to give her a call for a chat, half the time they react as if I’ve just said I’m going to march over there and rape them in public. Which is stupid, as I wait until the 2nd date for that usually.

So with all that in mind, we modern men must adapt to this situation, and employ as many methods and techniques as possible to nefariously turn it to our advantage. Off the top of my head, I can think of the following:

  • Wait in general 1.5 times longer to reply to her messages than she takes to reply to yours
  • Use little punctuation and poor grammar, as if you could barely summon the motivation to tap out the message, such was the trifling value of the woman you were communicating with
  • Only reply to messages during a couple of set “windows” during the day – you’re a busy guy after all
  • Don’t try to get into a girls panties over text, or build comfort if you’ve not already shagged her. Merely use it as a logistical tool – short, simple messages, with a light sprinkling of banter (perhaps referencing a previously established mutual joke), whose main purpose is to set up the next face to face meeting
  • If they flake on you, ignore them completely for at least 24 hours – not even a single reply
  • Flake on them first once in a while
  • Eliminate the use of excessive exclamation marks! As it makes you sound like an over-enthusiastic gimp! Who gets really excited over trivial shit! And has really low value!
  • No emoticons (except possibly if you’re trying to throw out an extremely cheeky comment, which could be construed as sociopathically offensive without the benefit of voice tonality. But I wouldn’t recommend doing this in general unless you’re linguistically gifted, as it can very easily come across completely mis-calibrated and blow up in your face)
  • No “lol”. You are not a teenage girl. A casually aloof “hah” may suffice on occasion.

If anyone else can think of any others, please feel free to chime in with a comment.


2 thoughts on “Text Game

  1. Great summary.

    I do have a quibble: “Merely use it as a logistical tool – short, simple messages, with a light sprinkling of banter (perhaps referencing a previously established mutual joke), whose main purpose is to set up the next face to face meeting”

    Banter and previous jokes (“callback humor”) are extremely important before you move into logistics. If you just got a girl’s number a few days ago, going straight into logistics can kill it (Example: “Hi Sara, this is Jim, let’s go to Bar [X] on Saturday night.”). It’s too boring.

    Before you go to logistics, banter, witty observations, fun random jokes, and reconnecting are essential. Check out Magnetic Messaging and Ultimate Guide to Text and Phone Game for a lot of good ideas.

    • Definitely – I did include a brief caveat along those lines in that point you quoted.

      Problem is, especially for some guys starting out, their text game and general banter is pretty weak, and it can come off as seeking rapport too strongly if you’re not careful. I’d err on the side of blandness of content until you feel more comfortable expressing your sense of humour.

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