Foolish Girl

You foolish girl, so full of pride. You strut arrogantly along the street, throwing venomous glances, dripping disdain, from your spiteful countenance, as you survey all those you mistakenly believe to be beneath you.

And yet who are you? What have you achieved of note in your short time on this earth?

Have you toiled through years of self improvement, striving to make yourself a better person, to exercise fairness of judgement, expanding your mental horizons such that you may better make informed rational decisions? No?

Then you must have built your own business from the ground up, hour upon hour of toil devoted to the creation of an profitable institution of which you can be proud? No?

Surely in that case, you must have devoted hundreds of days to physical exercise, pursuing personal excellence, taking daily pride in your appearance and respecting your body? Also no?

Then tell me, what have you done to justify the way you behave, and treat perfectly decent human beings with such scorn? Other humans, who having actually achieved something of note in their lives, have learned to be open-minded, and treat others respectfully, poitely and fairly, until such time as it is proven unjustified?

What have you achieved, other than receiving a continuous stream of validation from a thousand supplicating betas, being cradled by a fem-centric nanny state, and completing a worthless degree in the humanities?

Yeah, thought as much. Go fuck yourself.

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