The Female Imperative – It’s Everywhere…


Just saw this PayPal advertisement on a tube platform. Just look at the frame that is being conveyed.

Why isn’t it ideal that you’re buying your wife’s anniversary present on your mobile on a packed platform? Will it come with a big “bought on a mobile phone” stamp on it? So fucking what if it does?

What are we men supposed to do – take a week off work, braving strange new lands and slaying mythical beasts with our bare hands to bring back untold treasures, the like of which the world has never seen, all because women are such fucking amazing creatures who deserve this treatment?

Bitch should be grateful she’s even getting an anniversary present, never mind how the thing was purchased.

6 months ago I probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about this. One gigantic red pill suppository later, and you start seeing this kind of thing everywhere.

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