Plates Down!

I’m not doing the “first image result” thing for these pictures any more, they were getting ridiculous. Trying google image searching for “plates down” and you’ll see what I mean

Through a combination of going out very infrequently, and generally possessing a total lack of anything other than purely physical interest for the few girls I’ve had on go for the last couple of months, I’ve just watched my last spinning plate go crashing to the ground (it wasn’t entirely unexpected – I just flaked on her for the 4th time in a month after all!).

I’ve got to a point where I simply can’t bring myself to spend time with a girl if she’s not even approaching my level of intelligence any more, even if she’s hot. I’m happy to have banal, trivial conversation, up until the precise nanosecond during sex when the semen leaves my penis, and then I literally cannot wait to get her out of the house afterwards.

Once upon a time, I would be feeling pretty sorry for myself around now, having lost my mental safety net of having some concrete prospects on the backburner. However, I’m choosing to look at it as a positive experience this time.

Whilst it’s a good strategy to have several women on the go at once in order to adopt an abundance mindset, and not care too much about any one individual, I have pretty much internalised these behaviours over the last few months anyway, and don’t actually need existing options to know that there are countless options out there that are within my ability to obtain.

I had also become lazy – I was making little or no effort to approach women whilst out, since I knew I had a few on the backburner. Hopefully, this will provide me with a kick up the arse to become more proactive, and get some higher quality women into my life, who I can appreciate for more than the fact than they are a hot 23 year old eastern european (shame about that plate, it had a nice pattern…)

I also want as little of my state, or level of self confidence as possible to be derived from externalities such as the approval of women. Whilst I am aware that it is most likely impossible to get away from this entirely, us being the social beings that we are, it needs to be minimised, so that the vast majority comes from the core of who you are as a person. Women will come and go into your life, but your core masculine confidence and your sense of identity are constant companions throughout life, and they must be able to stand on their own.


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