Positive Feedback Loops

This is a terrible example of a positive feedback loop, showing utterly discredited bullshit science from the religion of global warming. Bollocks to you, Google Image search

Confidence breeds confidence. The more you push yourself to get out into the world, interact with strangers, remove yourself from your comfort zone and push your boundaries, the easier it will become on each successive iteration, and the greater the acceleration in your development will become.

It may all seem completely overwhelming at first – starting out from a place of poor finances, weak physical condition, low self esteem, or all of the above. But put yourself on the right track, take one tiny step after another, and you will have inexorably set yourself in motion on a path that will deliver you great life satisfaction not only years down the line, but also day to day on each part of the journey.

Do not set yourself lofty, unattainable goals – you will fail to achieve them, and become discouraged. Concentrate initially on what is within your immediate power to change, and set about changing it. Talk to a single person you meet in your day. Sign up to the gym. Enrol on a course to improve your skill set. Learn a language. The list is endless.

Good luck finding your own feedback loop.

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