“Carrying an Unusual Object” Game

I knew this was going to be a bad idea

Women, by nature of their solipsism, are inherently nosy creatures. They simply cannot bear to not know something, imagining that it must concern them in some manner.

This phenomenon recently just crystallised into my awareness. I got on the the tube bearing a nicely wrapped gift for a friend of mine, in a white box with a red ribbon. Every single girl on the carriage literally could not keep their eyes off it. Staring at the box, then at me, then back at the box, then back at me, wondering “What’s in the box? Who is it for? Is it expensive? Would I like it? Who is that ruggedly handsome, sharply dressed man carrying it? Is he going to talk to me so I can find out what’s inside? Is it for me? Meeeeeeee!!!!”

I easily started up several conversations off the back of the interest this gift was generating, throughout the duration of each deliberately making no reference to it just to drive them nuts, even though I could see their eyes darting feverishly toward it, like a junkie eyeing their next fix just out of reach.

I realise the concept of using a prop is nothing new in game theory, but as we’re well into the festive season, what better opportunity to score a bit of easy value than by carrying a nice looking present around with you in busy public areas where you have the chance to strike up conversation?


2 thoughts on ““Carrying an Unusual Object” Game

  1. “Confidence breeds confidence. The more you push yourself to get out into the world, interact with strangers, remove yourself from your comfort zone and push your boundaries, the easier it will become on each successive iteration, and the greater the acceleration in your development will become”

    Great stuff. Plays into what the infamous Steve said:

    Reference experiences. Let’s say you approach 10 hot women, and 9 reject you, and 1 of them doesn’t. And that particular 1 you end up having a relationship or going to bed with her or whatever. I guess to a certain degree I’m blind to my failures. I wouldn’t remember the other 9. I just wouldn’t. I just I think I can get hot girls. Manifestly I can because I got that 1 out of 10. I wouldn’t even remember it as 1 out of 10, I would remember 1 hot girl. That 1 hot girl becomes my benchmark.

    It’s like when the sea comes in, and leaves the tidal mark. That tidal mark is now my benchmark. I don’t go below that benchmark in terms of her hotness etc. That’s my new benchmark. That’s what I do consistently. That’s what I believe for myself. You raise your standards again and again through the years.

    3MM: When you’re going through a cold streak, recognise that you’ve picked up that high watermark before, and you can do it again. And again. The only thing that’s changed is in your head, and once you get back on that bicycle and start pedalling it will all become easy once more.


    • That tidal mark analogy was very poignant for me, it really stuck. Every time I find myself going through a bit of a dry patch in terms of quality, it helps me to remind myself what I am capable of, and keep positive.

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