Achievement Junkie

In what could prove to be an unfortunate development, I’ve resolved to include the first image result from Google that matches the title of each new post I make

Time was once when days were spent in a haze of marijuana-induced, videogame-cocooned miasma of non-accomplishment. Weeks, months, whole years would pass by with nothing significant of note achieved.

These days, if I cannot look back over the previous 24 hours and think of at least one way in which I have improved my life – including but not limited to hitting a new PB at the gym, advancing my career, pushing a random social interaction as far as possible, making notable progress on a personal project – I feel a sense of disquiet and disappointment, that manifests itself in a general malaise or ennui.

I’m not sure when the change occurred, but it is accelerating. Most of the time, it is a positive phenomenon, motivating and driving me onwards towards one of myriad goals. At other times, it causes me to be extremely harsh on myself, to dismiss everything I have achieved up til this point as worthless. Either way, it seems to be here to stay, and I must slavishly devote myself to my personal furtherment to keep the mental wolves at bay.

What have you achieved today?

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