Online Dating – Warning Flags

You’re messaging a girl, she’s got several pics up where she looks decent, a solid 8, she’s replying quickly to your messages, setting the date up is simple and easy, it seems almost too good to be true…

Chances are, it is. No girl who is a genuine 8 or above is ever that keen, or will ever respond quickly to every one of your messages. She has no need to be, due to the wealth of options she has available.

The reality is, she’ll have lucked out and found several flattering photos instead of just the customary single washed out, high contrast one.

When you meet up, she’s a 7 at best, and you’re faced with the dilemma of being an ass and leaving straight away, or sticking out a couple of hours at least with a girl you’re not attracted to.

I’ve actually vetted several girls recently based on this, and saved myself unnecessary hassle and wasted time, that I’ve spent on more fruitful pursuits like learning a language.


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