I seriously need to get out of full time work

Now this is some serious next-level corporate bullshit – I’ve apparently achieved a Green award in my “Clean Desk Review”.

What’s next I wonder? Is my underwear to be inspected for cleanliness? I hope I don’t get a Brown award for that one…

4 thoughts on “I seriously need to get out of full time work

  1. FYOS – please photoshop this photo to blur the names at the bottom and the initialisms at the top

    And yes, dude, you are making some fuckin’ bank!

    This is you (if you weren’t so pale and illiquid)

  2. Probably a good idea, knowing some of the ridiculous unfortunate coincidences that have befallen me in the past (probably the worst was an ex finding out that I cheated on her with 3 different girls – she found out one per day, for 3 consecutive days, from 3 different sources, including a chance meeting with one of the girls in question in a pub where they somehow got talking and managed to figure out between them who I was)

    • Now that’s some bad voodoo….

      All three disclosures in one day would obviously be bad. As would the news trickling in once per month or quarter.

      But three tidbit sucker punches in three days….whew…. Maybe it’s time to preemptively lay down a cover story and tell LTR prospects that you have a doppelgänger around town who people frequently get you confused with (and who apparently is a ladies’ man). She’ll know it’s a lie if you get confronted by past flings, but it could add plausible deniability.

      • I plan to stick firmly to a “deny everything” mantra from now on. Even in the face of irrefutable photographic evidence, signed witness testimonials placing me at the scene, and a 6-part exposé documentary detailing my antics, I shall stand glibly in front of my accusers and deny everything to the hilt. They shall bow to my frame.

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