Escaping the Rat Race

Ever since I experienced the joy of being out of work for 4 months when I went travelling at the end of last year, with my sole aim being self amusement, I’ve found it extremely tough readjusting back to the paradigm of full-time work.

Prior to my trip, I simply hadn’t been aware there was any other way. Full-time education led into university, which led into full-time work, interspersed with the odd week off here and there. It was the only way I had ever known. To call having my eyes then opened to the joy of what life could be like a revelation, without a commitment on 5/7 of my time every single week of the year, would be an understatement.

When I first arrived in South East Asia, it took a few weeks for the feeling of “shouldn’t I be doing something” to stop hanging over me like a bad smell. I’d be waking up every morning with a pervading sense of vague guilt, since I wasn’t acting accordance with my pre-existing conditioning.

The day that feeling finally left me remains crystal clear in my mind. Myself and some friends I’d met travelling had arrived in a small village in the north of Thailand called Pai, and checked into a bamboo hut hostel in the middle of a rice field, with a view over the mountains. Idyllic. I climbed into a hammock, rolled up a joint, inhaled deeply, and suddenly it all melted away – stresses and worries that I’d been carrying for the last 8 years of work, that I hadn’t even realised were there, faded away, to be replaced by the greatest feeling of being at peace with myself I’d ever experienced. I saw endless weeks stretching ahead, with no commitments on my time, except literally doing anything I wanted to – and it felt great.

Obviously however, all things come to and end, and I had to come home and get another job. Ultimately, we all need some form of income to live. The lasting impression that made on me however ignited a burning fire within me to throw all my energies into finding any possible way out of full time work, whilst still being able to maintain a decent lifestyle. For me, the objective is not just to be able to not work, and have to scrimp and save – it’s to not work, but still have plenty of cash.

To that end, I have been ploughing my free time into writing a stock market trading system, based on my own reasearch and a few seminars I have beeen too, for the last few months. I’m in a good place financially at the moment, with a lot of spare capital, and I plan to gradually sink more and more into the stock market, with the eventual aim of retiring from full-time work within the next 2 years, and then spending the remainder of my 30s travelling the world, living in countries for a few months at a time, managing my trading online.

Every week I spend in the soulless melee that is the financial centre of London, being jostled on packed tube carriages, met with flat, introverted stares by the socially retarded locals, bent double in a soaking winter gale – every week erodes another part of my soul. However, there is currently no better place in the world for me to make as much cash as I can as quickly as possible. It is short term pain for long term gain.

I urge any of you that read this to come up with a plan to escape the grind, and follow through with it. The sooner you start, the sooner it will come to fruition, and the sooner you can stop slogging away the best years of your life, working to ultimately make someone else rich from the fruits of your labour.

Claim your life back, and then do whatever you want with it.


2 thoughts on “Escaping the Rat Race

  1. An inspiring blog. I have been feeling exactly the same. I am now planning my escape route out of the City, long gruelling hours sat at a desk, feeling like im in prison, spending most of my time with people i wouldnt chose spend 5 mins with in my own time. Im so over it, not to mention the added hours wasted commuting on packed trains. Its time we got our freedom back, and do something we love and enjoy doing whilst making good money to keep me in the lifestyle i have become accustomed to. I am looking into settng up an online business, which will give the freedom to work anywhere in the world as long as i have my laptop and broadband connection… freedom to work the hours i want to work and on my own terms. I am looking to attend seminars in London, if anyone can reccomend any that would be great.

    • You can’t go far wrong by picking up a copy of The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns – the stock market is ubiquitous, and available anywhere you have an internet connection. He explains it all in such a simple manner you’ll wonder how on earth people make it out to be so complicated. Reading this book, and attending one of his seminars were the springboard for the development of my own stock analysis program based on his principles, which I’m confident will see me out of work, with a better income than I’m on now, within a year or two. Good luck to you!

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