After reading rave reviews of what seemed to be heralded as a wonder drug, with strong cognitive enhancing qualities, no addictive properties and few side effects, I decided earlier this week to try some Modafinil for myself.

Finding a UK based supplier via a forum took minutes, and 2 days later, it had turned up in my postbox – 30 x 200mg tablets for the princely sum of £1.60 each.

I took my first one whole this morning at about 8:15am. In hindsight, I think it would probably have been a better idea to have tried 100mg first, and then taken the other 100mg later on if required.

Within about 30 minutes I was beginning to feel the effects – a light, fluttery sensation in my chest, slight swimming of vision whilst at the same time possessing extreme clarity, and a feeling of extremely rapid brain function – almost too much in fact, since I felt skittish, and social interactions were proving difficult to concentrate on.

I’m about 2 and a half hours into it now, and am experiencing an odd mixture of effects. At times, quite edgy, other times calm, sometimes completely unable to concentrate, sometimes laser focus for short periods. I’ve read that the effects last up to 8 hours, so I imagine they will begin to gradually diminish during that period.

I’m not really noticing the tunnel-vision like concentration effects that I’ve read about – I’ve actually carried out no useful work on my current development project yet today. Although that said, I have rifled in pretty short order through a number of admin tasks that have been nagging at me for a couple of weeks.

It’s supposed to be a weight training day today on my LeanGains regime, although I’m not sure how it will make me feel on top of already feeling a little fluttery and edgy.

Definitely taking 100mg next time to start with, and then another 100mg later if necessary. The feeling kind of reminds me of when I took too much 5HTP.

Update: took 100mg this morning, followed by a second 100mg at lunch. Effects much more mellow, concentration a lot better. Still some rushing/euphoria though, which is quite enjoyable. Read some accounts saying people normally need to dose up to 800mg to get those effects? Possibly because I am very lean at the moment.

Unless tolerance builds rapidly, can’t really find a reason not to take this daily at the moment… It’s just like being on your best day, but every day


2 thoughts on “Modafinil/Provigil

  1. Hey YSW. I found your blog yesterday and quickly flicked over all of your back posts. Really enjoying seeing the development, I’m 21 so it helps me see a path for myself in the future.

    I was wondering if you carried on with modafinal and what your thoughts are now a few months further along?

    • Hey pal, glad you’re enjoying the blog.

      Modafinil is a bit of a funny one for me. After initially taking it every day, I found that after a period of about a week it was starting to cause headaches and irritability.

      In the short term however, taking a whole tablet at once had similar effects on me to a mild dose of MDMA. A “rushing” sensation, mild euphoria, increased talkativeness, uplifted mood, and also an inability to concentrate on anything for more than about 30 seconds at a time.

      If I only took half a tablet, these effects were somewhat ameliorated, and it worked more like it is supposed to – increased alertness, and ability to zone in on tasks.

      I’ve got a few left, and these days I just take a half when I am especially tired, or just need a little lift to help get me through the day. I recently flew overnight from the UK to SE Asia, and went 36 hours with no sleep thanks to the aid of Modafinil. It definitely won’t be an every day kind of thing for me though.

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