Confirmation (if it was needed) of “She Feels What You Feel”

Although I usually steer clear of the Telegraph (being a hevily left-leaning, shame-peddling, pathetic manboob-like excuse for a news source), an interesting article just flashed up on Flipboard on my phone:

An experiment has confirmed what practitioners of game have been stating for years – namely that a a woman’s emotional state mirrors that of the man attempting to gain entry to her knickers.

In addition to action of mirror neurons, it appears that pheromones given off when experiencing terror or disgust are subconsciously detected and processed by others, causing a similar emotional response to manifest in the olfactory recipient.

So bad news for those new to the game – if you approach a girl, and are shitting your pants (metaphorically), she’s going to smell it a mile off. And if you’re actually shitting your pants, she’s probably going to smell that a mile off too.

However, that’s not to say that anyone in this position should stop approaching – far from it. Just do it more until the level of fear you feel begins to subside through acclimatisation to the process.

This also explains the success of a well-executed “fake it til you make it” approach to social interactions. If you can convince yourself on some level that you are not actually experiencing the social dread your brain is trying to tell you that you are, then you will experience more positive results.

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