Shit Women Say in Online Dating Profiles

This is the profile of a girl who just emailed me. I’m worried about replying – I’m concerned I may fall for her in a big way. Let’s break it down:


i’m looking for a funny yet serious bloke

Kind of like a sad clown?

who isn’t afraid of earning a living

Not terrified about the prospect of coming into work? Check

someone who understands the concepts of children

Let me see – dick goes into vagina, semen comes out of dick, baby emerges 9 months later – pretty much covers it?

my friends describe me as headstrong, can anyone handle me?

Fascinating. Do tell me more about your masculine personality traits.



2 thoughts on “Shit Women Say in Online Dating Profiles

    • Good stuff mate, all very true – I had a scan through your archive a while back.

      Women’s online profile dating profiles are a never ending source of amusement for me – 90% of them seem to have been produced with a cookie cutter. A really shit, boring, self-obsessed cookie cutter that’s covered in other guy’s semen.

      Looking forward to 100 words of hate this week.

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