Switching Off

I was fortunate enough to have been born with a high degree of intelligence, and was able to coast through academia, and indeed most of my life in my 20s, expending a minimum of effort to obtain well paid jobs, and leading a complacent lifestyle (which unfortunately extended to quality of women in my life – I stayed in one LTR for nearly six years that had sexually run its course after one. It became my emotional comforter blanket).

However, since returning from travelling alone earlier this year, I have become almost addicted to pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Gone is the complacency, and in its place has emerged boundless motivation and a burning desire to further myself in every area of my life, to finally apply all of my brain to realise every ounce of my potential.

I am currently: cutting down to 6% body fat by employing a technical and methodical diet and training programme (it really is excellent – see LeanGains. This is my 12 week progress so far – no homo), systematically upgrading my personal appearance (my wardrobe is now almost entirely tailored – not as expensive as you might think), working on my plan to retire from full time work within 2 years (which comprises working most of every weekday evening after I get home from my day job), reading upwards of 30 posts daily on Manopsherian or self-improvement topics, and working furiously on my game, involving juggling several women simultaneously, reading as much relevant literature as I can find, and pushing myself out of my social comfort zone continuously to chat to everyone I can, anywhere, any time, especially hot girls, culminating in next weekend’s Hovember escapade.

Since embarking on this process, I’ve changed almost beyond all recognition in my character and determination to succeed in life, but recently I’ve noticed at some cost. I am struggling to “switch off” my mind at the end of the day, and the second I wake up in the morning, be it 5am or 7am, my mind immediately kicks into life and starts running about 5 parallel trains of thought about various matters. I’ve also started experiencing irritating headaches every few days, that I have to take painkillers to shift. In short, I’m stressed and struggling to relax.

I’ve tried taking various sleep supplements (melatonin, small dose of diazepam, 5-HTP), but all variously leave me with feeling less than ideal the following morning. Weed helped, but since I literally have no tolerance any more having not smoked with any regularity since my early 20s, it just makes me absolutely cunted, and sit around my apartment on my own in an introspective haze, which is somewhat less than pleasant. It’s not due to lack of exercise – physically, I’ve never been in better shape in my life. I’ve considered it may be CNS (central nervous system) fatigue through over-training, but I’m loathe to take a week off the gym.

Anyway, all of the symptoms aside, I’ve recently discovered something which within minutes completely chills me out, soothes my mind, and lets me fall asleep peacefully – classical music.

I recently received some excellent sound isolating headphones for my birthday, so last night I downloaded “The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the World”, stuck them in, and went to bed. Immediately, my mind was stilled as the music enveloped me, and within 10 minutes I was sound asleep. It’s been known for some time that listening to classical music stimulates alpha waves in the brain, helping you enter a more relaxed state than normal, when beta waves dominate (alpha saves me from beta, how apt).

I’m going to continue to make time to listen to some classical music at least once a day, around bed time, to help me switch off at the end of day. I’ll try and put up a list at some point in the future of my favourite composers and compositions.


8 thoughts on “Switching Off

    • Cheers dude – I often wonder what’s at the end of it all. Hopefully my own desert island, a £100m mansion, and a succession of 5 year marriages to 20 year old virgin underwear models

  1. I should try that. I’ve always had trouble switching off at night and more now, having recently accept a very high stress job with a weird work schedule. Classical music might do the trick.

  2. Also worth trying is an old book with long sentences. — and definitely not on a e-screen or other electronic device. Lights out within 15 minutes.

    • Yep, good shout – I actually just went out and bought a copy of Nicholas Nickleby yesterday, should keep me going for a few weeks. I wish I’d starting reading Dickens sooner, every time I read one of his books I feel inspired to go away and write really complicated sentences.

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