In recent years, it has become popular to show support for prostate cancer charities by growing a moustache in November – hence Movember.

Since I look utterly ridiculous with a ‘tache, and mainly because I’m a contrary bastard who has to be different, I’ve opted to show my solidarity with this noble cause in an alternative, Manospherian fashion.

Next weekend, I shall be embarking on my first ever day game session with my willing accomplice down Regent St, having been primed by a copy of Nick Krauser’s excellent Day Game Nitro book.

Nothing under an 8.5 shall be approached. The hotter the better. The blowouts shall be plentiful and glorious, but much fun shall be had along the way.

I will make donations to a prostate cancer charity based on the number of the following I can get:
– Facebook close: £1 (cop out)
– Number close: £5
– Insta-date/day 2: £10
– Leading to make out: £20
– Leading to sex: £50
– Leading to an orgy with her, her identical twin sister, a nun and an alien: £10000

And if I fail completely to get even one of the above, then a forfeit donation of £100.

I dub this event – Hovember. I encourage anyone who reads this to go out and do the same!

4 thoughts on “Hovember

  1. “The blowouts shall be plentiful and glorious, but much fun shall be had along the way.”

    Absolutely brilliant.

    I wish you the best of luck and salute your great attitude.

  2. The Lucky Lothario

    Like a stalker accidentally liking a facebook picture from 2009, I’m gonna comment anyway and ask how did this go down?

    • Epic fail. It was freezing cold, and by the time my wing arrived (an hour late), my face had gone numb and I was speaking like I’d had a stroke. The streets were so busy that on the few occasions I spied a sufficiently hot, single target (so very, very few of them around surprisingly – they are all in groups) and tried to stop and make an approach, I was shoulder barged by some obese idiot within about 3 seconds flat. After about 3 hours of this, we took solace in a liver-annihilating amount of alcohol, and ended up having a pretty good night out. I made my forfeit donation meekly the following week…

      I’ve got a day session with Steve Jabba next week, so I’m intending to put the situation to rights. I don’t like that sober, cold street approach to beautiful women is still the one thing that I can’t make myself do, and I hate anything having any kind of power over me. I’ll put a post up about it next week after the event.

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