Your Penis or Your Pride

This was too funny not to use, encompassing both elements of the post title

(note: the concepts discussed herein apply specifically to dealing with top-end women on dating websites. Anything 7/10 or lower is generally a little more humble)

In the world of online dating, let’s say you get a wink, a profile check out, a message, or a reply to one of your carefully selected victims. Now, by the laws of probability, given the mindset of the current young generation of girls/women, not to mention the fact that a particular type of female is even more prevalent on these websites, the chances are if she’s half-decent looking that she’s going to be self-obsessed, arrogant and egotistical.

Cute girls who are none of these things will go down one of two routes whence they enter the realm of online dating:

  • Having actually just never had much of a chance to meet a suitable man due to constraints on their real lives, within a week or two of going on the site they will pair off with someone half-decent and are never seen again
  • Or (more likely), the ensuing overwhelming torrent of emails and winks that follows them uploading their selection of high-contrast profile pictures that hide their blemishes goes completely to their pea-sized brains, creating a megalomaniacal validation whore who starts to think “Gee, if all these men are hitting on me, it must mean I am an amazing person, who is witty, intelligent and beautiful. I will now act accordingly arrogantly”, and a nightmare is born.

Obviously to you or I, we are aware that online dating simply emboldens a lot more men to pursue their inbuilt drive to hit on everything that moves, by removing the fear of face-to-face rejection. Women’s solipsism absolutely laps this shit up however.

So, faced with the nature of the beast as it were, you have to choose between your penis or your pride. Do you:

  • Act like the normal alpha male that you are in your day to day life, calling them out on their bullshit, teasing them mercilessly and generally being a dominant force, but in the process threatening their closely-guarded world views and damaging their fragile little egos, pretty much ensuring then and there that they stop replying to your messages and you shall not gain entry to their poon
  • Or choke down your hard-fought manliness that has taken you years to achieve, and go along with their pathetic, dull, egocentric ramblings, attempting to strike up just the right balance of supplication to fuel their egos whilst retaining just enough alpha to prevent them from getting bored, thereby completely emasculating yourself in the process, but making it far more likely that you will get your dick wet at the end of the debasing process

Smart money is on the second option – when eventually you meet face-to-face, you can then unleash the full force of your personality upon them, and they don’t have the option to simply sever the communication with you without warning at any second as they do in an online context.

I seem to be struggling to do this however. If I see one more profile that is called “cutie_563”, or has “I’m sexy, sensual and smart” as its tagline followed by a detailed description of a love of astrology, I think my head will explode. The waves of unjustified, nauseating self-love emanating from these narcissistic morons literally makes my skin crawl. And unfortunately, I can only see it getting worse. The lack of discrimination shown by most men when sending out one of many “carpet bombing” style mass emails to all and sundry only seeks to fuel the egos of women who really do not deserve to have it fuelled, causing their hypergamy to raise up like an enraged beast.

Men, you are the orchestrator of your own downfall in this respect. If you would only exercise some restraint, and not hit on everything over a 5 out of 10 on the entire site, these women would understand their true level in the SMP. I’m not holding my breath though…

2 thoughts on “Your Penis or Your Pride

  1. Dead-on accurate.

    For shits and giggles, if you meet a cute girl in real life, jokingly accuse her of having been a dating site member. When/if she “admits” to it, ask her about the first two weeks. She’ll usually tell all about the 150 messages she got in the first week and promptly ignored.

    As for your options, there is also Plan 3, which I’ve seen work. Basically, you combine directness, Italian-street-style suaveness, and command and control, but just avoid the sarcasm/teasing/cocky-funny.

    Of course, as with anything, this will work far better on 30 somethings than 20 somethings, sadly enough.

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