Our Friends in the North

Top night last night, opened everything that moved, pulled a couple, one of them pretty fit.

A cute 24 year old Czech girl was out with us. She seemed keen, but wouldn’t let me kiss her after my friend’s gf had pointed to a girl and said to me “I bet you can’t pull that girl”, followed by me walking straight over and getting off with said girl inside of 60 seconds. The jealousy and DHV will have done me no harm however, will just have to wait til another day to close it out.

Hilariously, my mate got caught in the act of lifting up his shirt and running a girl’s hands all over his torso by his gf. He looked a bit sheepish, but you could almost hear her fanny moisten at the display of alpha value. Shame he’s coupled up, he and I would completely tear it up together. Always great to roll with another alpha dog when I’m out with him, it really brings out all of our most masculine and chauvinistic qualities in one another.

2 day post-binge malaise looms… Some valium and 5-HTP will help. See you on the other side…

2 thoughts on “Our Friends in the North

  1. Why is your friend’s girlfriend trying to fuck with your shit?

    she knows that the Czech girl will be put on guard if you’re successful with the random target, and that you will lose credibility with the Czech if you’re not successful or turn down the challenge. That seems like a cockblock.

    By the way, for recovering from binges, how is caffeine for you? And have you tried Adrafinil/Modafinil/ProVigil?

    • I’m not sure that was any ill intent on her part – we were all pretty shit faced by that point in the evening, and I know for me at least, any semblance of restraint or common sense tends to go out of the window after the first half a bottle of JD! I did bump into Czechy a month later, but she was pretty off with me – maybe the in-your-face jealousy/pre-selection stuff works better on Western girls.

      As the alcohol leaves my system during the course of the following day, I get increasingly physically anxious, resulting in insomnia which lasts 3 days – having read up, I’m relatively sure it’s from glutamate rebound. Caffeine doesn’t seem to make much difference either way, benzos or hypnotics like Zopiclone are the only things that knock it on the head. Modafinil is helpful for the day after the day after, to clear the effects of the Valium out of my system and let me get on with a day’s work.

      I just need to stop drinking as much really – I always used it as a confidence crutch which I don’t really need any more, it actually makes my game worse in a lot of ways now.

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