I’m feeling frustrated.

My self worth has developed to the point that I feel I am now entitled to multiple 8.5’s in my life at the least, but I can’t quite make it happen. I’ve had multiple sniffs, they’re becoming more frequent, but I just don’t quite seem to be able to convert promising leads into concrete results. The amount of game required to get girls for each .1 of a point once they get much over an 8/10 becomes almost exponential it would seem.

I’m wading knee deep in oceans of mediocre 7’s and 7.5’s. They’re not even a challenge, I can literally introduce 10 of them into my life at will. Therein perhaps lies part of the problem – I am still seeing these girls as “upper tier” and “lower tier”, thereby placing them on a pedestal. And as we all know, that must not be done.

Part, if not all, of the problem is that I am solely relying on online game. If you can get a girl who has literally just signed up to the site, she’s still relatively unspoiled as it were – she hasn’t had time for her hypergamous nature to be pumped to bursting point by an inbox dripping full of supplicating beta turds, and is usually friendly, chatty and receptive. Past a week or two on the site, you can pretty much forget getting anything much > 8/10 unless you’re low end male model material.

I’ll be the first to admit my online game isn’t as strong as it could be – I am still trying to decipher how much I should tease, if at all, how sexual I should become, how quickly, etc – the problem is every girl is different, and without getting that direct feedback of a physical response in front of you immediately (and the corresponding chance to then recover, instead of just being cut off), it is very difficult to spot patterns.

My current lifestyle is simply not conducive to meeting quality women. I work in an office full of IT nerds 5 days a week, my office is based in the middle of the city (read femcunts in power suits with massive attitudes on them), and with winter now approaching, there are no daylight hours in which anything can be accomplished during the day. My best bet at the moment is to go down Regent Street on a Saturday afternoon and try and open some hotties, but with my main wing busy most of the time, this is a daunting task to say the least.

Still, this is a prison of my own making. It is time to get off my arse and put my money where my mouth is, and start trying to hit up some hot girls during the daytime. I literally know that I am better than the results I am getting right now. I am in awesome shape, my confidence is at an all time high, my banter is strong, my clothes are sharp. The only question is when will I grow a pair…


One thought on “Frustration

  1. Like I commented on one of your later posts — your core requirement, like lean protein, is daygame, daygame, daygame. Supplement with social circle game. Add a dash of online game and season with nightgame.

    The high 8s and 9s are only really available, without over-the-top attitudes, during the day.

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