Online Dating Observations

Literally all of the girls I currently have on rotation or lined up as potentials are coming through online dating at the moment.

I’m a relatively good looking guy (8 – 8.5) without having model looks, so I generally get a shit pile of attention from the 6 – 7.5 market with girls, with a smattering of 8’s, and even the occasional 9 (which to this day I haven’t managed to get a single response from, despite THEM winking at me). I can’t even be bothered to reply to the 6 – 7.5 bracket any more (they were useful for getting momentum going), so I’m juggling the 8’s. They’re much tougher to game, and even if they wink at you first, sometimes they’ll just stop replying to your messages for no reason. These women have literally so many options on the go on the dating website, that if at any time a better looking guy gets in touch, you’ll be kicked out of the loop.

Whilst it’s easy to say “Well, you’re good looking, you don’t need any game, it’s easy, blah blah blah”, there are a couple of points:

  • I have worked on my appearance for literally years. I was a fat, spotty, pale nerd when I turned 16, who was so completely socially inept and terrified of women that I was bordering on special needs. I wasted the majority of my 20s in a 6 year relationship that should have lasted for 3 months, and then lost a year to WoW. A natural alpha I was not. Since then, I’ve weight trained heavily, cutting down to currently 10% body fat (target of 6% before starting a bulk) with a 270lb 1RM bench, and have had tailored clothes made. I get my hair cut every week, I go on sunbeds twice a week since I’m naturally extremely pale. I study body language, read manosphere blogs daily – literally the list is endless. I have easily raised myself 2 and a half whole points since I started, probably more, but I had to drag myself here. The point is I did it, and so can you
  • No matter how good looking you are, the 8 – 8.5 and above girls, in real life or online dating, are always going to require tight game – they simply have so many options, if you give them any excuse to blow you out, they will do

To increase my chances further, I’m getting a professional photography portrait done next week, since I’m not naturally very photogenic, and I don’t think my current batch of pics are fully doing me justice.

One of the problems of this current setup, which I will freely admit, is it is making me a bit lazy. I’m not doing any day approaches, since there is no real pressure on me to pickup – I know that when I check my email, there will usually be 10+ women a day delivering themselves into my inbox. However, on the other hand, it’s giving me such an abundance mentality, I’m already finding myself just initiating conversations with random girls in public settings without even realising what I’m doing. Which ironically makes me forget to even try and push the interaction forward and get a number!

Anyway, the reason I started this post before I started rambling, was an observation about the best nights of the week to be online on these sites. I put together a quick chart of when I was receiving the most attention, and a clear pattern emerges:

It seems peak time for lonely single women sat at home, trawling the interwebs for their Prince Charming, begins to peak around Sunday evening (hungover, sat at home), and peaks on a Monday (weekend glow fully gone, harsh reality of a new week at work, possibly boozy blues). I’d recommend making sure you log in around these times, as when you are logged in, you will appear much more often in search results.


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