Natural Alpha vs Learned Alpha

Just got back from the local spit and sawdust gym down the road. My area used to be, and still is in large parts, a predominantly black area. Go back a few streets from the main High Street, and you into the thick of council estates. Life growing up on those streets is rough, and you’ve got to be street-smart and know how to look after yourself.

There was a posse of black lads in the gym today, about 10 of them, several of them clearly on steroids and massive. They were shouting, whooping, hollering to each other at the tops of their voices across the gym. It’s the closest I’ve come to feeling intimidated in a social situation for a long time – I didn’t, but I was definitely bordering on being out of my social comfort zone.

Some of these boys just oozed alpha in their behaviour. It just occurred to me as I worked out that I, having come from my slightly special needs white, middle class background, would never in some ways be anything remotely as alpha as these lads, with their effortless confidence and attitude.

But then I concluded that I probably earn more than all of them put together, and that I have access to women that wouldn’t even look once at them, and I wasn’t really that arsed.


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