From Russia without love…

Tonight’s date was met somewhere near Shoreditch. Saw her across the road, great figure, smiling, immediately got a good vibe.

We walked up a trendy street, conversation was ok initially, about as good as can be expected for a first meeting on a first date. Upon arriving at a sheesha bar, we got drinks and sat down.

I began warming to her immediately, and she seemed to be relaxing and opening up. Turned out she was into sci-fi, worked out, was lively, had a quirky sense of humour… Yeah I know, too good to be true!

All seemed to be going well, we moved outside for a smoke. A drunk man came past and stood on my foot, and she expressed concern over his wellbeing, but I dismissed it. The second drink was making me slightly woozy by this point, perhaps singles are a better shout moving forwards… on an empty stomach at any rate.

At some point she seemed to become a little cold towards me. You couldn’t bullshit this girl in fairness, she was astute and intelligent. Perhaps my cocky game was misplaced here, this was the fist date I’ve had with an eastern European after all. I can’t remember if Roosh says that confident beta game works better with girls like this, perhaps it is so.

Either way, seemed to lose her a bit, and she started signalling to leave before she’d even finished her second drink – how rude! Made sure I at least linked arms with her on the walk to the station, but a futile gesture perhaps.

So… Either I completely miscalibrated this one, and I should have run confident beta game, or she just wasn’t giving anything up. I get the impression she doesn’t sleep around much.

I can’t physically bring myself to send a “did you get home ok” text, it goes against everything that’s been ingrained into me, even if it might be the right thing to do.

I think eastern Europe could be a happy hunting ground however…

Let’s see if she texts. I think not!

Update: well she just text back to say she had a good time – either this is just her inherent manners coming to the fore and she is being polite… or she was actually into me and was just playing it very much down the line! Time will tell…

Update 2: 2nd date is now on for next week. I’m going to get her over to mine this time, possibly cook for us, and I’m stepping the fuck up and making the move on her this time, no matter how few signals I’m getting off her. If I’m going to get blown out, I might as well go down in style.

Update 3: I’ve just read this over at Generation Nihilism and it pretty much described everything I was doing on this date. If she’s still talking to me, she’s interested. Only escalating on girls who are giving me a ton of IOIs is hampering my progress.


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