Beware the high contrast profile pic my friend…

Beware the profile with only a single picture, or possibly a second with a tiny matchstick figure in the distance. Beware the profile with blurred or indistinct detail, showing only a portion of the face. Beware the profile picture that is of such high contract, it is almost impossible to discern if the subject even has a nose. All of these things my friend, all of these things point towards a dodgy looking girl seeking to palm herself off as significantly more attractive than she actually is…

I vow from now on to only go on dates with girls who have at least 3, broad daylight pictures of themselves up, from different angles, showing their full bodies in snug fitting clothes. I am fed up arriving at date venues to find a munter, a hippo, or worst of all, a munting hippo.

2 thoughts on “Beware the high contrast profile pic my friend…

  1. I, too, had a rule for Facebook [the brief time I was on it] that centered on the profile image:

    If only her face can be seen, then she is fat.

    If she cannot be seen at all in it [the image is of someone/something else], then she is really fat.

    • I saw a profile yesterday where in 3 consecutive photos the girl was: wearing sunglasses; looking at the floor; 20 feet away from the camera.

      I couldn’t help but wonder if I went on a date with her, whether she would provide the litre of vodka that I’d need to get the job done free of charge

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