Like the gin…

Well, I’m still managing to keep up with this so far.

Tonight’s date was…  A disappointment looks wise. Pretty wrinkly, fat arse, she might have looked passable if you were shitfaced and partially sighted. I need to learn that if it says “average” body type, steer the fuck clear.

Additionally, as the night progressed, she became increasingly bitter in her comments, and her jaded nature came to the fore. Not very attractive.

I considered going for the snog a couple of times, and probably had opportunities, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It is very difficult to act in a sexually dominant fashion and take charge with someone you’re not even remotely attracted to.

Still, positives are that every date I go on reduces my overall levels of anxiety in such situations, and with women in general.

Let’s hope that next week’s actually looks marginally like her pictures…

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