Women – please give more signals. Any at all would be a start

So, brief entry tonight as it’s late and I can’t be arsed typing on my phone.

She walked up to me at the tube station, so I smiled and opened up my body language, but didn’t actually say hello because I wasn’t completely sure it was her. She then veers off at the last second, apologises, and goes outside and phones me!

I was super chill tonight. Really feel like some deep level change has taken place. Only thing was, I didn’t feel she was into it at all, body language off, calling me vain and negative, not giving me much generally. And yet at the end of the date, I easily get the snog.

Now either she didn’t like my personality much, but just took the snog because she thought I was hot. Or she was completely nervous, insecure and shy around me because I had far higher social value than her. Which would also equally explain every single thing that happened. I’m tending to think the latter, although a certain reticence to be presumptuous prevents me from being certain. Which on reflection is counter productive either way, I should just assume it was that and move on.

Bright girl, banter got going well towards the end, she needs to drop a couple of stone mind you and dress better. Would see again, but very busy at the moment. Am going to have to try and put on a back burner for another time, but I may lose the plate in the meantime…


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