North London

Tonight’s venue, in addition to sounding like some sort of lavatorial position adopted after a particularly hot curry, was a small suburb of north London a short walk north of Finsbury Park.

Despite arriving ten minutes late, as per normal, she managed to be even later, having sent me a flustered message via the dating website ten minutes prior, apologising profusely. In fact flustered was generally good description of her demeanour most of the evening. I think something subtle has shifted in my sub communication this last week – I’m generally so much more chilled, non-reactive, and stronger of frame.

After initially picking a poor table where we were sat quite far apart, I managed to at least partially rectify the situation by simple dint of physically pulling the table out of the way and sliding my chair over next to her. Unapologetic and calm whilst doing so.

Found quite a bit of common ground, body language from her was strong, although felt like momentum was slipping after a couple of hours. Fortunately, another couple stole our table and we ended up sitting next to each other on a sofa, where my arm could immediately go around the back of the seat. It was only a matter of time til makeout from there.

I need to learn a smooth escalation for kiss closing. I can recognise when the girl is ready for it, they get a certain look on their face, but I have to resort to literally just going in for the kill without warning. It’s all a bit jerky, but has been working in fairness.

She walked 15 minutes in the opposite direction from where she lived with me to “get a cab” – with token persistence I could have gone back with her, but my dick is still a bit raw and I wasn’t enormously attracted to her. Backburner, definitely get the lay next time.

Points to take away:
– need to get a smooth kiss escalation down
– the amount of attraction I am generating has gone through the roof in the last week or two. Something fundamental has shifted in my behaviour. I need to recognise what it is, and harness it. Pretty sure it’s being totally and utterly unreactive, caused by abundance mentality. Hopefully a confidence threshold will soon be reached which enables me to successfully accomplish sober approaches, which is what I need to start doing to get the real quality girls


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