You so would…

The title of this post and this entire new blog comes courtesy of a somewhat interesting young lady who works in branding, who came up with the tag line based (loosely – you’ve got no chance of figuring it out) on my real name.

I’ve just escorted her to the bus stop, as she meandered drunkenly over the pavement, having taken it upon herself to quaff an entire bottle of wine in my apartment as I looked on in amusement.

This was a girl who I met originally about 5 weeks ago at a bus stop opposite my apartment block at about 3am. No more than 20 minutes later I was balls deep inside her, being instructed in no uncertain terms exactly where she wanted me to deposit my load.

After finally getting around to arranging a second meet up, I could tell it was on from the moment I met her tonight – strong IOIs, lots of kino, and after a few drinks at the local she was back at mine, naked on the sofa once again. This girl was game to say the least.

Afterwards, we sat naked as she talked contemptuously of various beta oribters in her life, who doubtless had been waiting futilely for their opportunity to snipe for months. She then got more and more inebriated, and repeatedly told me about what she wanted to do with me and a bottle of baby oil the next time we catch up. Which I’m thinking may be never – despite how good this sounds on paper, she was staring at me in a disconcertingly loving fashion and canoodling in far too short of a space of time.

I have 4 more dates lined up, all with 7.5s and above over the next week or so, not to mention a night out with the boys, so this one can go on the back burner for now methinks.

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